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Hi all 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to stop at my blog. This is where all the magic happens 🙂 *tee hee *

If you would like me to review your book, then HELL YES, lets break out the champers, as I’m clearly doing something right 🙂


Please note ALL my reviews will be posted on this blog, my goodreads page, twitter, facebook, &

If you want a review I have done for you to be put on a specific site, then please let me know.

Please also note, I haven’t had to give out bad reviews yet (fingers crossed I don’t have to) but I WILL finish a book even though I didn’t like it and I will still give you a review. These are my personal thoughts on the book in question and please please please don’t take it to heart if I say anything bad about your book 🙂

Genres I tend to read:

Paranormal Romance (Teens, Young Adult, Erotica)
Fantasy (Teen, Young Adult, Erotica)
Short Stories (Teen, Young Adult, Erotica)
Dark Fantasy
New Adult

I mean if the blurb is good and peaks my interest and cover looks good too (doesn’t have to though) then I’m all for reviewing it.

Formats I accept:

Mobi (Either by email or Kindle directly)

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