~*~ New Review ~*~ Behind the Lens (Boys of Fallout #2) by Cassandra Giovanni


Natalie Scott’s life is simple with no strings attached. As a band photographer, she’s made metal music her life, and life on tour means no relationships.
At least not ones that last and that’s the way she likes it.
She only has one rule.
Don’t date or otherwise screw around with the client.
But she never said anything about love.
Brent Andrews knows Natalie’s rules.
And he’s about to make sure he’s an exception to them.
All of them.
Even ones she doesn’t know she has.


My Review

21 year old Natalie Scott is living the her dream.

She’s working as a photographer for bands touring around states, capturing their exciting tour-life.

Natalie has rules, one she especially vows to never break again especially after getting burned with one of the bands she previously travelled with.

Brent has taken it upon himself to break all those rules but he is breaking them for the right reasons.

The attraction between Natalie and Brent is undeniable. Yet, it takes some time for them to admit it.

The characters of the band are realistic.

They are best friends who fight, argue, play around, and have a laugh with while travelling around the country and creating bea-u-tiful music.

This is the second book in the Boys of Fallout series, every one different to its predecessor

Each book is a different band member’s story.

I definitely recommend picking them up and reading each one.