~*~ New Release & Review ~*~ Secrets Of The Gargoyles (Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles #3) by Rebecca Chastain

Secret of the Gargoyles

I place the lives of all gargoyles into your hands with what I am about to tell you…

In her brief career as a gargoyle healer, Mika Stillwater has faced some daunting challenges, but none have stumped her—until now. A strange sickness infects a handful of gargoyles in Terra Haven, rendering them comatose and paralyzed. Worse, the cure she seeks is shrouded in the gargoyles’ mysterious culture and the secret they guard with their lives.

Gaining the gargoyles’ trust is only the first step. To save the sick gargoyles, Mika must embark on a perilous mission into the heart of deadly wild magic to a place no human has ever survived…

The captivating conclusion to the Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles trilogy, Secret of the Gargoyles will charm readers of all ages, especially those who love extraordinary magic and endearing gargoyles.

Amazon, US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FPX3VYS

Amazon, Everywhere:  http://smarturl.it/SecretGargoyles


My Review:

Firstly I would like to give a HUGE thanks to Rebecca Chastain for kindly providing me with a copy of this new release to read and review.

I loved every moment reading this book and can’t beleive this was the final one….or is it?

Mika Stillwater, Gargoyle Healer & Gargoyle Guardian is no stranger when throwing herself into the middle of quests especially ones that threaten the lives of her fellow Gargoyle community.

The curse of the stoned Gargoyles has Mika stumped, she’s practically tried everything, all the magical cures she can possible think of.

Since Elsa’s breakdown in the park, Mika has been watched under the carefull eye of Celeste-the Gargoyle from the first book – why is she so keen to watch Mika now? Does she know the Gargoyle Mika has been trying to cure?

After Mika learns a few truths about the Gargoyles heritage and where they come from when hatchlings, the truth hits home to Mika and saving the lives of the 7 dormant turned stone Garygoyles this mission has taking on a whole new level.

She needs help, needs more magic than she can manage……who better to assist (if that’s what were calling it) than non other hot and fiery Marcus…yep you heard me….ooo things are about to become hot, fiery and potentially life threatening.

Can Mika figure out the cure with the help of Marcus, Celester & Oliver?

Can she succeed? or will she risk her life half-hazardly yet again?

Will sparks fly between Mika & Marcus?

Truly a great read abd finale to this series. I’ll be said that there isn’t no more to follow.

I would definately recommend to those who like reading light paranormal stories.


Rebecca Chastain’s bio:


Rebecca Chastain is the international bestselling author of the Madison Fox, Illuminant Enforcer series and the Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles, among others works. She has found seven four-leaf clovers to date, won a purebred Arabian horse in a drawing, and once tamed a blackbird for a day. Writing stories designed to amuse and entertain has been her passion since she was eleven years old. She lives in Northern California with her wonderful husband and three bossy cats.

Here are a few places you can find Rebecca on the Internet:

Website: http://www.rebeccachastain.com

Newsletter: http://www.rebeccachastain.com/fantasy-newsletter/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rebeccachastainnovels

Twitter: @Author_Rebecca or https://twitter.com/Author_Rebecca

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5660379.Rebecca_Chastain

Enter to win 1 of 5 copies of the complete Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles trilogy: http://www.rebeccachastain.com/secret-of-the-gargoyles-release-blitz/


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