~*~ Review ~*~ Airborne (The Apollo Academy Book 2) by Kimberly P. Chase

Airborne (The Apollo Academy #2)


In the acclaimed, bestselling The Apollo Academy, Aurora fought for her life and her chance at love. Now she’s ready to conquer the final frontier… space.

She just wants to focus on her studies…

It’s a new semester of training at the Apollo Academy and Aurora Titon is ready to put the previous attempts on her life behind her. With Hailen Odette in police custody, Aurora is ready to focus on her dream of becoming an astronaut with the experience of a lifetime: a trip to space.

But danger isn’t finished with the class eight cadets yet…

A deadly virus is released on Aviary, the space station where Aurora and her classmates are training, spreading quickly and without pattern. Mission Control won’t help them, and Aurora and the remaining cadets are trapped until they solve the mystery and find a way to contain the disease or die in the process. Their only hope is Sky, Aurora’s ex-instructor and late night confidante, who will need to betray everything he believes in and everything he’s trained for to save their lives.

With time ticking away and bodies piling up, Aurora faces the fight of her life, for both herself and the men that she can’t choose between…


My Review

Firstly I want to thank the lovely author and NetGalley for kindly providing me with a copy to read and review.

Geeze…this one was intense and sacrifices HAD to be made…..definitely made me cry

Having found out that she’ll be heading into space, nothing could get any better for young entrepreneur astronaut Aurora , finally she was heading in the direction that her heart wants her to follow….all she needs to do now, is choose if she wants a male in her life too? and which one?

And of course she’s stuck in-between two, seriously HOT, guys, I mean how can a girl possibly choose?

Zane; this guys yet again pulls out all the stops, he’s seriously amazing, having learned that he’d been genetically modified as a baby his next quest before flight school re-starts is to get to the bottom of what, how, when and why? BUT, there’s only one thing standing in his way…and that my friends is the red-headed beauty that seems to have crept and made residence in his heart….Aurora…

Sky; OMG.! although he took a slight back seat in the beginning he certianly knew how to make an entrance back in the book, one that screams “look who’s back” and this is why I’m so torn on which dude to pick, I feel sorry for poor Aurora’s heart.

Obviously things start to go haywire when in space, folk start dying, secrets are being kept, and trust/friendships are put to the test

Can this bunch of training cadets learn of the virus and possibly find the cure?

Will they all survive?

Will Zane get the answers he’s been searching for? And at what costs?

Totally ends with a cliffy 😦 so I wonder when we can get the next addition……