~*~ Review ~*~ Soul of Smoke (Dragonsworn #1) by Caitlyn McFarland

Soul of Smoke (Dragonsworn #1)

Source: Goodreads

On a hike deep in the Rocky Mountains, Kai Monahan watches as a dozen dragons—actual freaking dragons—battle beneath a fat white moon. When one crashes nearly dead at her feet and transforms into a man, Kai does the only thing a decent person could: she grabs the nearest sword and saves his life.

As the dragon/man, Rhys, recovers from the attack, a chance brush of skin against skin binds him inextricably to Kai. Becoming heartsworn to a human—especially such a compelling one—is the last thing Rhys wants. But with an ancient enemy gathering to pit dragons against humanity and his strength nearly depleted, Kai has just become the one thing Rhys needs. A complete bond will give him the strength to fight; a denied bond means certain death.

Kai is terrified at the thought of allowing any dragon into her mind…or her heart. Accepting the heartswearing and staying with the dragons means sacrificing everything, and Kai must decide if her freedom is worth risking Rhys’s life—a life more crucial to the fate of humanity than she could possibly know.

My Review:
Firstly I would like to thank the lovely Caitlyn and NetGalley for kindly providing me with a copy to read and review.
This is my first time in reading something by McFarland but from what I’ve read it certainly won’t be the last no doubt.
Once I started, I literally could not put the book down. Once I finished though I immediately wanted more…..September 14th can’t come quick enough.
Soul of Smoke is a modern fantasy filled with high adventure and so much tension and romance and intrigue.
We meet Kai, she is a regular college student who loves the outdoors, rock climbing, and most importantly, her freedom from stifling parents. While on a hiking trip with friends, they come across a nearly dead girl. The plan was that Kai would wait with the injured girl while her friends go and find help, unfortunately for her that isn’t how the plan exactly went….I mean comon’ did we really think the plan would work? Kai is thrust straight into a battle, a battle that she can’t believe is happening before her very eyes; dragons fighting
Soul of Smoke is filled with lots of action & fighting from the start; if we haven’t got people shifting into dragons then we have awesome battle scenes with dragon on dragon fighting, human on dragon fighting, in air battles, fire breathing, mind control….. you name it and it’s probably in there
 It is a rare and beautiful sight to see an author publish their first debut novel this strong, and future fans will surely agree with me by saying: Caitlyn McFarland will only grow stronger and stronger and will continue to wow us again and again.

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