~*~ New Release & Review ~*~ Giving Up For You (The Giving Trilogy #2) by L.M. Carr


Source: Amazon UK


Breaking rules and tearing down walls, Adam Lawson and Mia Delaney give into a passionate love affair neither can resist. The love and intense bond they share is stronger than ever.

But when dark shadows emerge from the past and threaten their families, how far are they willing to go to protect each other? How much are they willing to sacrifice to save the innocent ones they love?

Join Adam and Mia as they navigate through this journey called love.


My Review:

Again I would like to thank this lovely author for kindly providing me with a copy of “Giving Up For You” to read and review.

I’m SOOOOOOO over the moon that they FINALLY let love in……Jeeze it was hard work for these two!

Finally they can live happily ever after, no hiding….right, they can can’t they?

Well let me tell you, that’s a BIG FAT NO!


Adam totally pissed me off! and I mean PISSED me off, why would he do that?

And the ending!!!!! God dammit! (sorry I don’t mean to say his name in vain) but seriously, me and Adam are going to be falling out BIG TIME if he doen’st buck his ideas up and start to open his eyes and see what he has in front of him otherwise he’s going to loose it all, with NO chance of getting it back

More secrets will be revealed

Secrets will be held

Can love breakthrough this barrier?

What happen when it all comes out?



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