~*~ Review ~*~ Giving In to You (The Giving Trilogy #1) by L.M. Carr

Giving In to You (The Giving Trilogy #1)



Second grade teacher, Mia Delaney, isn’t looking for love. In fact, she isn’t looking for anything at all because life hasn’t been fair. Everything—the idea of love, her hopes and dreams—was ripped away in a single night.
Arrogant yet sexy Adam Lawson makes the move to a small town in an attempt to escape life in the city. Here he hopes to provide a fresh start for those he loves and protects with a vow to never let anyone get close enough to hurt them again.
A chance encounter with Miss Delaney begins a relentless pursuit that has Adam breaking his own rules when he makes an offer she simply can’t refuse. Despite her internal struggles, Mia knows there’s no denying the attraction between them.
But when acquaintances become friends and friends become enemies, Adam’s need to protect those around him becomes even more crucial. Will the tangled web of lies and betrayal combined with past insecurities become too much for them to handle?

My Review:

Firstly I would LOVE to thank the lovely L.M. Carr for kindly providing me with a copy to read and review.
This book is HOT, intriguing and it sucks you right in from the first line
27 year old school teacher Mia Delaney has been scarred for life, her previous experiences with men has made her wary of men in general a which we don’t expect. She has some dark issues from her past that she’s working on getting past, they seem to keep repeating themselves by past rivals, unfortunately for Mia these are a constant reminder for her, she can’t seem to escape the memories, this has then moulded her into the person that she is today.
Now lets get down to business….single dad Adam Lawson…Mmmm Hmmmm Mmmmm
Yes ladies, make sure you lock the doors when reading this one, Mia bumps into Adam on one of her morning runs, this ultimately leads us through a chain of events with Adam persistently pursuing Miss Delaney mush to her discomfort….well only in the beginning, she’s like a dog on heat once she’s gotten through the barriers regarding men she’s put up
The characters seemed so realistic, their reactions to things were unexpected and refreshing, which is a good thing I may add!
Mia and Adam try the saying “friends with benefits” but the more time they seem to spend with one another the harder they begin to fall.
The only thing is, a few members of the small town are fighting very hard to split them up. Will love find a way or will one family succeed in breaking them apart…..
Can Mia let go of the past and trust Adam?
Can they make something work?
There was mystery and suspense with a dollop of hot romance.
I for one can’t wait to read more of this story.

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