~*~ Review ~*~ Incendiary (Phoenix Rising Rock Band #2) by Kathryn Kelly

Incendiary (Phoenix Rising Rock Band #2)

Georgie has destroyed me. She’s threatened my freedom and everything I’ve worked so hard to build. My band, my music, is the last thing on my mind. I want her to pay for all she’s done.But she’s still my Georgie, and my desire for her is as hot as ever. She’s my inferno, my biggest mistake and my greatest reward.My fans see her as their idol’s downfall. When her life is threatened, I will come to realize there’s nothing in the world more important to me than her.

She’s my flame.

I’m her anchor.

Together, we’re explosive.

We are incendiary.

** For mature audiences only. Incendiary is not a standalone novel, but is the conclusion to Georgiana McCall’s and Sloane Mason’s story that began in Inferno.**

My Review:
Firstly I would like to thanks the lovely author for kindly providing me with a copy to read and review. This will be the second book that I have read of hers and I can’t wait for more. It may be time to delve into her Death Dweller’s MC series, as we see them in this one….I’ll be honest I didn’t know how there were until I looked at Kathryns other books.
Incendiary is another fucked up hell storm or a storyline!
But I we knew that a storm was brewing form the way Inferno ended.
Georgie….she’s all fucked up, she doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break! My heart brakes for all she’s been through, then to see he life slowly go down the drain before here eyes….
This is ONE pickle she may struggle to get herself out of…
Sloane….It’s one thing after another. Groupies, scandals, lies, past discretions, but the worst of all a Rape claim….that for one if unimaginable to think of what the accused goes through.
But can his love for Georgie save him this time?
“Georgie is my calm in any storm. I look at her, and the world is right. I hear her voice, and I’m soothed. I touch her, and my joy is endless.” ~ Sloane
Will Sloane and Georgie survive afterall?
Betrayal, hate, past mistakes, secrets, drugs and manipulating family members..so many obstacles in the way!
Can two messed up souls be each others salvation?
Will they be able to find redemption for their past mistakes?
And most of all
Will they be able to get the HEA, they’re searching for?
About The Author:
Kathryn Kelly is living her dream and writing books. She’s always been an avid reader and still devours books in her spare time. She also enjoys football, socializing, music, eating, and jokes. In her head, she’s the ultimate biker babe. In reality, she’s an ordinary girl-next-door and a native New Orleanian.

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