~*~ Cover Reveal ~*~ Trust In Love (The Forever Love Series #3) By Riley Rhea

Vance Jacobs life changed two years ago when his
good deed turned into a night that would change his life. He lost a piece of
himself when his best friend and identical twin walked out of his life all
because of a woman who wanted what she couldn’t have. Vance’s life begins to
get back on track when he meets and befriends Missy Cooper and once again his
life takes a turn, but this time for the better. Missy fills some of the void
that he feels from Spencer’s absence. The thing is Missy will never be more
than a friend. Then when Vance least expects it fate steps in and brings him
face to face with his brother and a woman who may very well be the one for him.
Willow Scott’s life hasn’t been free of tragedy and
just when life was getting somewhat back to normal two pink lines and her longtime
boyfriend’s reaction change everything. Willow leaves school and moves to
Nashville, Tennessee with her aunt to begin her life again. With her past
experiences she doesn’t trust easily and her sole purpose in life is providing
for her daughter, Brogan. 
Vance and Willow are brought together by accident.
An opportunity brings them together again.
Can Willow trust Vance?


Can Vance convince her to trust in love?
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 Contact Riley Rhea at rileyrheaauthor@gmail.com if interested in signed paperbacks. 
What to tell you about Riley
Riley didn’t always want to be a
writer, but then one day out of nowhere a story popped in her head and refused
to leave. After receiving some advice from a friend, who is an amazing author,
she sat down at her computer and wrote. After a few chapters there was no
stopping. She found a new passion and wanted to share it with the world. Born
and raised in the Bluegrass, Riley loves to keep her stories close to home.
She has a wonderfully supportive
and encouraging husband who wants her to follow her new passion of writing.
She’s the mother to three awesome children who have many talents that they
share with the world as well.
If she’s not reading, writing,
blogging, or snuggling you can be find her on the golf course, exploring nature
at Mammoth Cave National Park, or at a ballgame.
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~ All Riley’s Covers are designed by ~
~ Photography for Books 2 & 3 by ~ 
Cover Models Justin Hadden and Rainey Wilson

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