~*~ Review ~*~ Drawn to You (Swanson Court #1) by Serena Grey

Drawn to You (Swanson Court #1)

He thinks she’s a hooker.

She thinks she’s in love with someone else.

After one memorable night, Rachel Foster cannot stop thinking about sexy billionaire hotelier Landon Court, and the way his touch set her body on fire. But as far as she knows, she’s never going to see him again, and that’s okay, because she’d rather not risk falling for him anyway.

For Landon, one night is not enough. He wants Rachel, and he’s not prepared to back down. He always gets what he wants, and she will not be an exception.

Unable to resist her attraction to Landon, Rachel decides to give him what he wants, but on her own terms.
One week. Just sex. No commitment.

What happens when love is not allowed, but everything else is?

My Review:
I would like to thank the lovely author for kindly providing me with a copy of “Drawn to You” to read and review
I truly do love Serena’s work, I always look forward to reading the next one.
This book does not disappoint at all. One of the main character’s is Rachel, who has spent 2 years pining for a guy call Jack Weyland. He pulls at her heart but never wants to settle down ever…..until he actually does
After an eventful party, Rachel’s heart has been broken yet again,  she takes time in the elevator to get away and get her thoughts back to one piece.
That’s when she meets Landon Court.
They both had a very peculiar first meeting: he believed she was a hooker and she didn’t clarify she wasn’t. And so their love story begins.
I loved the secondary characters, Laurie and Brett, these guys are awesome and my heart broke for them as a couple, I hope things works out between them.
I am anxiously waiting for the next book.
About The Author:

Serena Grey discovered her first love when she was a child, and that love, reading, has been her constant companion since then.

She still loves to read, but now she also writes, because the stories in her head won’t leave her in peace otherwise. Even though she loves all kinds of fiction, she has a soft spot for love and romance, and that flush of pleasure that can only be found at the end of a beautiful love story. 

When she’s not reading and writing, she enjoys cocktails, Vampire Diaries, Smash, and constantly drools over Gabriel Macht as Harvey Spector in Suits.






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