~*~ Review ~*~ Unborn & Unseen By Amber Lynn Natusch

Unborn (Unborn #1)

Born into mystery. Shackled to darkness…Khara has spent centuries discovering everything about the Underworld―except her place in it. But when she’s ripped from her home, solving the riddle of her origins becomes more important than ever. With evil stalking her through the dark alleys of Detroit, she finds salvation from an unlikely source: a group of immortal warriors sworn to protect the city. Khara needs their help to unravel the tangled secrets of who and what she is—secrets many seem willing to kill for. But time is running out, and the closer she gets to the truth, the closer necessity binds her to an arrogant fallen angel.Can their shaky alliance withstand that which threatens her, or will her soul fall victim to the unholy forces that hunt her―those that seek the Unborn?
My Review:
 Firstly I would like to thank the Author and NetGalley for kindly providing me with a copy to read and review.
Unborn is an urban fantasy series that mixes Greek Mythology and Angelic lore with a setting of supernaturally infested Detroit.
Khara is the adoptive daughter of Hades and Demeter.
She is forcibly taken from the Underworld by a Dark One and brought to the streets of Detroit where she is literally flung into the night and tossed to the streets.
Why she is taken we do not know.
This is where her story truly begins.
Saved by a stranger, Drew , who is the leader of the Petronus Ceteri (PC) in Detroit,  he warrior recognizes her as a sibling, a sister who also shares the same father, the god of war, Ares.
Dysfunctional or what?
You’ve gotta love Khara’s bothers though:
Sean’s wickedness
Pierson’s seriousness
Kierson’s goofiness
Drew’s calm
Casey’s anger
oh and of course we can’t forget the other member, the only one who isn’t of family blood
Oz’s arrogance
The 5 brothers along with Oz have to now figure out what exactly is after Khara and who sent them in the first place.
  It definitely takes you to a wonderful, thrilling, dark and mysterious journey of fallen angels, the underworld, and of course the life of the PC(s).

Unseen (Unborn #2)

Welcome to the Kingdom of Hades, where even its prodigal princess sleeps lightly.After fighting Soul Stealers in Detroit, Khara hoped to return home to find answers in her father’s realm. But the land of the dead offers little information, and far too much tragedy. Now cut off from her brothers, and left only with her dark and unreliable companion Oz, Khara must navigate the centuries-old webs of deceit and betrayal, all while eluding the Underworld’s most depraved inhabitant. But she soon finds an unexpected ally in her adopted sister Persephone. Together, they endeavor to right a terrible wrong. And as Khara soon discovers, there’s more riding on her success than she ever thought possible
My Review:
 Firstly I would like to thank the Author and NetGalley for kindly providing me with a copy to read and review.
Unseen, the second novel in the Unborn series, picks up right where Unborn left off. Khara’s new-found ability to feel emotions is not only alien, but it’s proving to be a hindrance she didn’t foresee.
Having returned home to the Underworld, Khara is determined to get the answers she seeks by any means necessary. Which royally pisses Oz off at one point.
What we don’t know is what Khara did to Oz when he fell to the Stealers on that fateful night, which ended up turning him into a Dark One?
Is her mother still alive?
Does Ares know that Khara is alive?
“Whispers in the darkness,
From shadows on the wall,
telling of his wicked fate, 
now echo through the hall.
The dread will soon be rising;
the mighty one doth pall.
The dead will soon be rising
to see his kingdom fall.”
Oz has decided to go to a darker place in Unseen, Many times, BUT his actions betray his words and his protectiveness towards Khara belies his big talk.
He’s like the Fallen Oz, with a sharper edge, but there is still something within him that isn’t complete and total darkness, especially when it came to Khara.
The fate of everything we know hangs in the balance and I’m dying for more of the Oz & Khara shenanigans.
The brothers are all in Unseen as well. As hot, protective, and entertaining as ever! I really enjoyed this book and I am so excited to see what happens next! I would recommend this book to everyone
About The Author:

If you’re dying to know more about me, allow me to put you at ease. I’m a sharp-tongued, sarcastic cancer, who loves vegetable smoothies, winter storms, and the word ‘portfolio’. I should NEVER be caffeinated, and require at least eight hours of sleep to even resemble a human being. At thirty-four, I just now feel like I can keep a straight face while saying the word “rectum” (which is actually a huge lie because I just laughed out loud while reading this to my husband). I live with my iPod firmly affixed to my body, drive too fast, and laugh/cry at inappropriate times.
I’m obsessed with urban fantasy… When I discovered that genre, I knew I had found my tribe. Now I write in that world because that’s what the voices in my head tell me to do. And they are very, very loud 🙂

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