~*~ Review ~*~ Stone Faced Angel (Stone Angels #1) by Marie McKean

Stone Faced Angel (Stone Angels #1)

There are some things I know for sure:1. I died . . . a long time ago
2. Even in death I was always aware of him.
3. Love has a way of making even angels choose to leave their heaven above.

My Review:
This book was amazing! I mean, I really love a good paranormal/Angel book and this had me on tenterhooks throughout!
 I think I’ve found, yet again, another amazing author to follow and stalk..
What would you do if you found yourself awake and find yourself cold, confused and alone in a cemetery?
This is how Maura Davis felt when she had woken from her “slumber” alone and afraid in a cold dark cemetery. The only thing she knows for certain is her name…
Desperate to find some answers she ventures our into the world of mystery, when along comes a lovely woman, Ms Leona, who helps Maura on her quest to regain her memories and to find her parents…..
Now….here we get to meet the ever so beautiful in soul, Brandon….this guy is amazing and I know I’ve probably said this already about previous book boyfriends, but Brandon is in a totally different league….
As Maura begins to piece together the memories and facts that tell her just where and when she came from, she and Brandon find they have a mysterious connection that’s about more than just their building physical attraction.
This was a beautiful book and I am already counting down till Stone Crossed Angel is released in 2016.
About The Author:
Marie McKean was born in rural Utah, far from city life. Surrounded by the Abajo Blue Mountains, she gained a passion for the serenity of nature. When a young adult, her sheltered and quiet-mountain life came to an abrupt end when she moved to the “Big Apple.” New York City opened her eyes to a whole new world. She later moved to San Francisco in pursuit of her advancing career and the completion of her degree in British and American Literature. Now, she creates characters that confront all the horror and happiness of real life by resurrecting forgotten historical folklore to tell the stories of her imagination.Find her on her blog: www.mariemckean.blogspot.com