~*~ Cover Reveal ~*~ Recovered By A Dawid



Tara and Nolen’s journey is just beginning. Even though they have known each other a short time the

love between them only grows stronger. Both of them now knowing loss and heartache it will take both

together to come out stronger in their relationship. Can they do it? Tara has faced her demons head on

and now it’s time for Nolen. When the waters get rocky can they stick together and find out if this

relationship is more than lust? Their future is bright and together they can accomplish great things, but

what will stand in their way this time.

About the Author:

 Author Pic

Tina Dawid is 26 and lives in Saint Louis, Missouri. Tina goes by the penn A.

Dawid to pay tribute to her brother Austin. She wrote her debut novel Regrets that was published July 31,2014 in honor of her brother Austin who committed suicide in 2011. Tina loves to read, spend time with her parents, fiance, and friends, She has a 2 year old pitbull Petey who she adores and is an advocate for the breed.

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