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Blair Reynolds was born to rule. Worlds, that is. Destined to reign over an ancient intergalactic race, it may seem her fate is written in the stars. But she’s willing to risk it all for another chance to spend forever with her true love – even if it means traveling through time and space to the other side of the universe.

As far as Ash is concerned, Blair’s happily-ever-after involves him, not the mere mortal with whom she seems so infatuated. She was bequeathed to him by her fatherand Ash will go to any lengths to keep Blair and her true love apart.

And Ash isn’t the only one.

Deep in the jungles of Brazil, where tribal drums call to Blair and her true love, other forces carry out dangerous secret plans.

However, Blair has secrets of her own … secrets so lethal she dares not even remember them.

Secrets so painful they could ruin everything.

Because some secrets kill.

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My Review:

Well…..I’m speechless….I don’t seriously know what to say

Belle has, yet again, outdone herself in her work. I first fell in love with Belle’s work and we were paired together to do the Indie-credible author event last year, this is where I was introduced to Blair and Everett in Cicada, and where I was thrust into a word of magic, unearthly creatures, pre-ordained love triangles and of course earth-shattering wars…

I absolutely loved Monarch, I found that it’s a brilliant finale for both Cicada & Firefly and I was only left with a few questions about David/Natalie and Andrew/Angelica…

Belle has written something beautiful and magical yet again, it truly is captivating in what she writes..

I’ll be honest here in admitting that there were moments where I cried, and I mean I ugly cried for like 70% of this book….I didn’t think I would with this story….but yeah, my heartstrings were pulled tightly…..

Throughout this whole series, we as a reader are put through the test, Belle messes with our emotions and let me tell you, the angst in Monarch was killing me, it got to the point where it felt real and it was like world war 3 was kicking off…..at certain points in the book I seriously didn’t know who was going to come out on top out of all of this…

I loved every minute of reading this series and of course the main characters:

Everett; AKA bug boy, he  is the nerdy gone HOT kind of guy in this series! I want a piece of Everett, even with his Alien-type qualities/abilities ;), in Monarch we see him in a different light, a different perspective….nevertheless I love him MORE now!!!! – PLEASE CAN I HAVE HIM FOR CHRISTMAS!!!

Andrew; is the protective brother of Blair, another twin born from the same mother who wants to prove himself worthy because of the tragedy that happened to his father and Andrews twin brother, Aaron. We too see Andrew in a different light in Monarch.

Blair: is was s strong, confident girl in Cicada, who isn’t afraid of taking something head on. She’s tough in her own mind and LOVES Everett. We see her confidence within herself begin to come to the forefront in Firefly and in Monarch we see her as the queen she’s supposed to be, the Monarch of her people…

David is Andrew’s best friend, they have got each other’s back no matter what, I love how David watched after Blair when Andrew did a runner, she’s like a little sister to him and he protects those he loves. I hold a flame for David also….

Natalie is David’s love, it would seem they are soul mates for one another, Natalie is also Blair’s best friend, after what happens in Cicada, Natalie went off to college and we see her a few times within Monarch…

I found that each individual has grown since we first saw them in Cicada, albeit, I was upset by the ending….I just hope this isn’t the end…..DUH DUN DUUUHHHH

“My fate had claimed me, and there was nothing I could do but hang on for dear life and try to make it out alive.” ~ Blair

~*~ Belle Whittington ~*~

You have now become one of my favourite authors of all time!

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MONARCH by Belle Whittington



I was no longer a bystander to this story.  I was the story.  Every secret interwoven through the tale I’m about to tell you belongs to me.  And the summer I graduated from high school was the summer everything came together in a horrible clash of good versus evil.  

Packing up and leaving my small, inconsequential, southeast Texas hometown meant leaving part of myself behind.  I said goodbye to the human side of me when we piled into David’s truck and drove away from our home.  And I waved farewell to any hope of ever returning as I watched our home slip into the shades of night.

Everything had been turned upside down, and deciding what was good and what was evil was like looking through sunglasses at night.  It all washed together in a murky blend of darkness, shadows, and secrets.

My biggest secret of all was one for which I had no answer:  which one was I – good or evil?  I stuffed that secret deep behind my ribs and swallowed it down.

Some secrets are best kept in the darkness away from prying eyes and those who would seek to face them head-on.  Some secrets kill.

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About The Author:

Belle was raised in deep East Texas.  She now resides somewhere north of Houston, Texas in a small inconsequential town with the smallest, most inconsequential name.  There, in the shady reaches of the pines, elms, and oaks, she daydreams adventures and secrets she weaves throughout her stories.  She’s the author of CICADA, FIREFLY, and MONARCH, a Young Adult/New Adult cross-over trilogy with excellent reviews.  She studied literature and history at University of Houston where Beowulf, Shakespeare’s works, and the history of the Vikings were her favorite topics.  Belle is positive her readers and fans are the best in the universe.

Here’s five fun facts about Belle

  1. I went to a 3-week summer camp in Minnesota with I was 15.  We shot guns, bows and arrows, learned rock climbing, and canoed into Canada in two giant birch canoes where we camped in the great outdoors and drank water out of the lake.
  2. Once upon a time, I was a professional seamstress.
  3. I was a beauty school dropout way back in 1987.
  4. I once worked in an art group as a Graphic Designer.
  5. I minored in History with an emphasis on the history of the Vikings and Normans.

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