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blitz 14 bannerHi Guys…

So are you all in for a little treat…well if you remember I was part of last years Indie-credible Author event….and this year we are participating in something similar…..It’s the Summer Author Promo Blitz….

Now I know ya’ll are wondering who I got this year….well let me tell you….let me fricking tell you!!!!

We are promoting………wait for it…….



Michelle Rabe

A lifelong California girl, Michelle Rabe tried the Hollywood thing but decided she preferred an author’s den to the actor’s trailer. She now lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains with her unhelpful author cat. If you can’t find her in a cemetery with her camera you can find her wandering the weird and wild worlds she has created.

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To the outside world, Morgan Blackstone is an eccentric business woman. But, inside her chest beats the undead heart of a 21st century vampire. Behind the doors of her nightclub, The Dracul, Morgan rules with an iron fist in a velvet glove.

After a long night of wrangling unruly supernaturals, she is looking forward to some peace… but unbeknownst to Morgan, her own blood is conspiring against her. Just before dawn, in the deserted parking lot, she comes face-to-face with two old adversaries, one of whom she had last seen being sealed in a tomb, 400 years before.

Overpowered by her attackers, Morgan wakes inside the lab of an unscrupulous doctor. Held against her will, subjected to experiments, she soon realizes that something has begun to burn within her veins…

Something that she knows will kill her.

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My Review:

Firstly I want to thank Michelle for kindly proving me with a copy of “Cast In Blood” to read and review!

Morgan to the human eye is a business woman, a woman not to be messed with too.

To others, she’s a vampire by nature…

We see that unfortunately to Morgan, she’s about to be abducted from her workplace, for reasons we don’t yet know why?

Having seen glimpses of her abductors, we are taken through the Morgan’s time as a kidnap victim, and coming to terms of those that she knows of, who did this to her.

Morgan, is extremely savvy and tenacious while being put through some pretty difficult situations, even for a vampire.

We don’t get to know the full effect of what kind of crazy shenanigans her kidnappers did to her, we don’t know what they did to her vampiric blood?…

“She is enveloped by numbness, falling, into oblivion. She drifts to the edge of awareness, shoulders, wrists and elbows aching. She twists, seeking relief from the painful position. She drowns in a black sea.”

What follows is completely compelling as Morgan is consumed with both the need to survive and the yearning for revenge.

The pacing for me, was a tad slow, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this, and I’ll be certain to read book #2 when Michelle releases it.

The detail that Rabe wrote about each character was detailed, they were drawn into a light and personalized as individuals as well as a team…

A great vampire/shifter/sorcerers book with a twist, definitely one to watch and read as soon as!



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Interview with Michelle Rabe:

  • What do you aim for when writing a book/series?
    • The main thing that I aim for is to tell a good story. I am not a planner at all. My worst bouts of writer’s block have come about because I tried to plan or dictate where the story went.


  • Do you have a Publisher/Agent?
    • I am an indie author so I’m my own agent and publisher.


  • When you write your books do you have a set reader in mind? I.e set age group? Certain sex?
    • I don’t have certain readers in mind. I’ve had a lot of people who don’t read paranormal tell me that they liked Cast in Blood.


  • Where do you get your ideas from? That’s if it’s ok to share of course.
    • I don’t know where my ideas come from. Most of my stories start with a what if idea and go from there. I know if an idea is something that I want to chase when it keeps rattling around my head for a while.


  • What made you want to jump the boat and write your own books?
    • I was working on a set in Hollywood and finished reading the book that I’d brought with me. Because I wasn’t into sitting around gossiping I grabbed a pen and some paper and started writing.


  • Do you have any favourite authors out there?
    • I have a lot of authors that I enjoy reading though I don’t really have a favorite.


  • Out of the books that you have read, which one has been the most influential/inspirational to you?
    • On Writing by Stephen King is the most inspirational book as far as writing books are concerned.


  • So, your 1st book Cast In Blood in the Morgan Blackwood series, what inspired this story?
    • I just started writing. As things progressed and I realized that I had a novel and then a series in the making I started asking what if questions. Each book has a central what if at it’s heart and I try to answer that question to the best of my ability while keeping what I think the overreaching story is in mind.


  • Do you have a specific writing style?
    • I use a lot of dialogue. I think that’s partly because I was an actor for so many years.


  • If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
    • I’ve had some readers not too happy with the ending, I suppose if I could go back, I’d rework the ending so that a few more of the questions were answered. It’s not something I’m going to do though, one of my pet peeves about indie publishing is when a writer goes back and makes major changes to a work once it’s been released.


    • Are you currently working on anything at the minute? If so can you give us a sneak peak?
      • I am currently working on the second book in the Morgan Blackstone series. I hope to have it to readers by late 2014 early 2015. This is from about the middle of the first chapter, I think. Please keep in mind it’s not edited and may not be in the final draft.


“Nicholas Falstaff slipped into the apartment building, he paused just inside the front door and took a deep breath. The Renegade’s scent permeated the hall, he frowned as he drifted through the hall toward the stairs. Footsteps heading his direction caught his attention, not wanting to be remembered as seeming out of place he paused by one of the doors and shifted his weight as though waiting on someone. Out of the corner of his eye, the Lead Enforcer saw a young man with blonde hair go rushing past. Nicholas frowned as the air around him stirred, the scent of the renegade mixing with the unmistakable scent of death.  He waited until he heard the building’s front door slam, before he walked up to the second floor. “ ~ Subject to change 2014



  • What’s the hardest part in writing a book/series?
    • For me it’s the timeline of writing the book. I took a lot of time with Cast in Blood, years. With book 2 I’m working to get that timeframe down to around a year and hope to have it to no more than a year with the subsequent books.


  • What advice could you give to up and coming avid writers?
    • Read a lot and write a lot – you learn by doing both not one or the other.
    • Revise – no one gets it perfect the first time.
    • The first draft is allowed, and expected to be crap.


  • Have you ever experienced writer’s block?
    • Yes. It usually happens when I’m not trusting the characters to know how the story goes. It also happens when I’m feeling stressed or over worked. In those instances I do something else creative to recharge.


  • What are your hobbies and interests that you do in your spare time? That’s if you get any spare time.
    • I don’t have a lot of hobbies. I do love photography, going to movies, and reading. Yeah I’m a bit of an introvert.


  • Do you ever wish that you had an entirely uncreative job, like data entry or working in a factory?
    • Because I’ve had jobs like that I can say that the answer is no for sure.


  • Why do you think books are written?
    • Because our minds need places to go play.


  • Finally, and on an entirely unrelated note, who would play you in a film of your life?
    • I don’t know. Maybe someone like Kathy Bates, she’s older than me but and excellent actress.

Well I think that concludes today’s Author Awesomeness, a HUGE thank you for Michelle for kindly stopping by today and I hope you all take a chance on this Indie author’s writing, as I did, and get lost in her vampiric story “Cast In Blood”


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