~*~ ARC Review ~*~ Serenade By Emily Kiebel




Suddenly the voice she prized is now dangerously seductive…

Lorelei Clark’s only concern was her future as a classically trained soprano, that is, until the day her father was tragically killed. Shattered by his death, she hesitantly accepts an invitation from a mysterious aunt to visit her lavish oceanside home in Cape Cod. She quickly discovers that her aunt and the two women who live with her are harboring a frightening secret they are sirens, terrifying mythical creatures responsible for singing doomed sailors to their deaths. Even more astounding, Lorelei is one of them. In this new world where water comes alive at her touch and an ancient power pulses beneath the tide, the most important rule Lorelei must learn is that a siren never interferes with fate. When she breaks this rule by rescuing a handsome sailor who should have died at sea, the sirens vow she must finish the job or face grave consequences. Finding herself inexplicably attracted to him, she must fight to keep him safe from the others, even if it means risking her own life, and her heart, in the process.


My Review:

I want to thank the author Emily Kiebel for writing this kick-ass story and for Netgalley for approving my request to review this book.

This will be my first time reading Kiebel’s work and of Sirens. I loved this! It was a suspense filling, nail biting read which enthralled the reader from the very first page.

I will be honest in saying that Serenade is a tad slow to begin with, but certainly picks up the action and the pace just a little over halfway.

I thought the characters that Kiebel wrote of were developed well.

The storyline itself was intriguing, mysterious and the Greek mythology the Kiebel added, drew the reader in more, but not too much, she always made a point of leaving the reader grasping for more, asking and needing more.

When her father died in front of her Lorelei, seems to have given up on hope. Once, a girl destined for greatness with her career, a classically trained soprano, with a voice of an angel, now, having found herself falling behind with her vocals and straining too much, Lorelei decides to take a chance on an opportunity that presents itself at this tying time.

After leaving college and heading to an aunt’s that she doesn’t remember having, Lorelei is thrust into a world of things unimaginable. Bed time stories of Siren’s luring men to their death, this becomes reality to Lorelei….but things aren’t are they seem, nothing is just black and white…and Lorelei is thrust into the middle.

“Lorelei let the feeling overtake her body, and as she was consumed by the Song, she emerged a siren.”

Having to deal with the weight of her family history Lorelei starts training on become what she is…..a Siren

But when things start to get out of hand, and Lorelei fights with her conscience, will she be able to live up to her aunt’s expectations???

Will she be able to “help” dying souls pass peacefully and not interfere with fates desires?

Or will she Serenade the Song of the siren….


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