~*~ Promo ~*~ Scandalous Heroes Boxset


Scandals between the sheets and danger on the streets.

Meet The Scandalous Heroes. An all-new mix of Alphas, Bad Boys, Shifters, Playboys, Artists, Mafiosos, Heroes & Heartbreakers in one heart-throbbing box set. Featuring 9 stories by USA Today & Amazon Bestselling authors Sienna Mynx, Yvette Hines, Bridget Midway, Aliyah Burke, Pepper Pace, Tiana Laveen, Erosa Knowles, Serenity King, Latrivia Nelson, you’re bound to find someone to fall in love with in here.

Mafiosos risk dishonor & vendetta when they cross their families for the women they desire. A tattoo artist finds his perfect canvas. Playboys play, and good girls go astray. The choices they make bring reward and ruin to them, but they see it through to the end for the only thing that matters– love.

But don’t take our word on it. Read & please share this scandalous sample from my story in the Scandalous Heroes box set.

ALPHAS, SHIFTERS, DOMS, BILLIONAIRES, BLUE COLLAR HUNKS AND URBAN HEROES: SCANDALOUS HEROES COLLECTION GIVES READER THE KIND OF BAD BOYS WOMEN LOVE—This collection includes best sellers of USA Today and Amazon Top 100 Authors whose stories reflect the diversity of romance such as contemporary, mafia drama, urban lit, BDSM to paranormal and sci-fi. These authors have taken the time to pen new full length and original stories for the readers only found in this collection for a limited time.

Total retail value is $35.31 but you can get this 1,857-page bundle for $.99 while it’s on sale! LADIES COME GET YOUR MEN! 18+

Collection stats: 1,857 pages/485,737 word count.

RALLENTI ~ Sienna Mynx
SEIGED BY RYM ~ Yvette Hines
RAW EXPOSURE ~ Aliyah Burke
Vasily’s Revenge ~ Latrivia Nelson
DOUBLE TROUBLE- Men of 3X CONStruction~ Erosa Knowles
TATTOOED MOON ~ Tiana Laveen
LAST CALL ~Bridget Midway
The Wrath of Michael ~ Serenity King


Rallenti – by Sienna Mynx

Her breathing went shallow, chopped down after each upward thrust. Oh how she could see herself in love with this big, powerful man. He dwarfed her in everything. Including sex. Her legs could barely wrap around his waist and her ankles could barely reach to connect. Inside of her every ridge of his veined dick was felt deeply.

Her tender walls were rubbed with relentless friction. His in and out motion made the sheathed sensation tenfold. Her head smacked against the wall and her mouth stretched with a silent cry for mercy. Her vocal chords couldn’t summon the sound. It was too much. The safe word? What was it? She couldn’t remember. She didn’t want to remember. Too powerful. The orgasm built in her from the sheer overwhelming takedown of all her defenses. Tears leaked from her eyes and she held tighter to him.

Renaldo kept grooving, he kept loving her, kept showering her face and neck with kisses that each meant something. He made a promise to her body and soul. At the height of her climax she gave a strangled scream of release with her nails anchored deep enough to draw blood from his skin. Scalding spurts of his essence jetted up into her in a continual stream. Gradually she came back to her senses. She dropped her face on his shoulder and shuddered. He grunted and shook, continuing to explode deep inside of her. “I think I’m in love,” she joked. He stiffened.

She felt his entire body go stiff. Kyra lifted her head and he looked her in the eye. With him pinned inside of her the words had meaning she didn’t intend. She swallowed hard. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean it literally. I was… it felt nice,” she smiled. He kissed her. “I understand, cara,” he said and slowly released her. “Love from a woman like you has to be earned. As it should be.” She didn’t know if he was discouraged or disinterested. But the words he spoke were so poetic she could say nothing in return. Renaldo rarely showed her any emotion other than the times his defenses were down during sex. What was his life like? Day to day was her hired gun, the soldier to a Mafia boss, as attentive and caring with others as he was with her? — Sienna Mynx



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