~*~ Book Promo ~*~ Beautifully Unbroken By D.M Brittle




All Jo Summers wants in life is to be happy. But her previous relationship led her to believe that happiness doesn’t exist without pain. Building a wall around herself, she refuses to let any man get close enough to break her down ? that is, until Blake Mackenzie walks into her life. She is drawn to him immediately and finds him too hard to resist even though she knows she should. When Blake finds out about Jo’s past, he makes it his mission to fix her and prove that happiness does exist without pain. Their journey isn’t without struggle, however, as Jo tries to walk away time and time again. But eventually she learns that it’s time to stop running and face her fears head-on.



First off I want to thank D M Brittle for kindly asking me if I wanted the chance to read and review her book “Beautifully Unbroken”

This was a great read, full of emotion, packed with action and to top it off it has some HOT ASS, STEAMY FILLED SEX SCENES!

 It has everything you need in a book from romance to twists and turns. It’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

Jo has been dealt a shit hand at relationships in the past, and she’s been scarred so badly she fears everything to do with them….Men? Who? What? They are a forgotten memory, she only believes that she deserves pain & unhappiness.

“You can’t fix it, Blake, no one can. That’s what happens when you get broken one too many times.” ~ Jo

Blake is THE man hoping to change this ladies views on the male population, he’s driving to get it into her fucked up head to try love again and to let him in…

Is it that easy though? Fucking Hell No!

Pahaaa did you really think that there wouldn’t be any drama on the way, Lord help us, this book right here, is jam packed with drama from the beginning and doesn’t end, well until the epilogue.

Can Jo overcome her fears and let love in?

Is Blake man enough and willing to go to great lengths to help this lost girl become Beautifully Unbroken?

“Every single battle I had been faced with, I had won. Suddenly I had no fear any more. Nothing and no one could ever hurt me again.”



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