~*~ Review ~*~ The Line That Breaks (The Line That Binds #2) By J M Miller




*This is the followup to The Line That Binds*

While searching for answers involving Stockton Estate’s stone well, Ben Shadows and LJ Wayde discover one truth: the curse is real.

Unfortunately, that truth has LJ facing the same fate that’s been tied to her bloodline for generations. The curse has given her the ability to help others conquer their greatest weaknesses, but it comes with a torturous price. As the rush of helping people starts to outweigh the pain of the consequences, LJ moves toward acceptance. She considers it a gift, a chance to make up for the way she treated people in the past.

Ben pushes on to find an end to the curse despite LJ’s reluctance. He fears the real consequences are far worse than LJ’s current symptoms, possibly linked to her Aunt Janine’s memory loss. His love drives his need to protect her, even if it means hiding the next piece of the well’s mystery.

When LJ finds what Ben has kept secret, she may never forgive him.

Will he lose her heart before he can save her mind?

**Recommended mature YA for mild language and mild sexual content.**



"Lost again in an empty sea of familiarity.
Digging through pieces from another mind. 
The ache returns with confusion and fear.
It settles in unrestrained.
No direction to wander, no ending near.
A cursed destination.
Forever my plight."


Here’s me thinking that nothing could of been better than the first, BUT HOLY SHIT WAS I WRONG!

This was another great read, suspense filled, nail biting, love infested mystery, that grips the reader from the very beginning and doesn’t let go….a bit like the curse that’s rooted itself nicely within LJ.

Unfortunately LJ & Ben’s search continues for the cure to this hideous curse. It’s starting to show its ugly face now and poor LJ is paying the price?

How much more than this poor girl be put through?

What was Dahlia thinking when she cursed the Stockton bloodline?

Ohhh my lord and the lovely dashing Ben Shadows….He always knows what LJ needs and is always there for her. I love how he is always careful and considerate with her, but he is not overbearing….SWOON!

The story is packed full of emotion. You have both Ben and LJ trying to protect the other from the curse

At times I were peeved off with the pair of them….don’t they get it…..they need one another to get over this, they need one another to find a cure…..they just basically need one another!

Will they find out the secrets they have been searching for?

Or will LJ end up losing in this battle?

 I was both happy and sad when their amazing story came to an end., but I fear not, for I’m sure Miller has some fan-fricking-tastic novels in the pipework and I will be readily waiting for them!


About The Author:

J.M. Miller currently consumes her coffee in Florida. When she isn’t busy being distracted by social media sites, she writes Young Adult and New Adult love stories. Sometimes those stories mingle with paranormal and mystery, and sometimes they lean a little toward suspense.
Aside from spending time with her family, she loves to travel and will jump at the chance to go anywhere, whenever life allows.

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