~*~ Review ~*~ The Alphabet Game: Part Two – F to K. (The Alpha Series, #2) By Andie M Long




Stella Mulroney had been getting an education, with Lawyer Gabe Gregory teaching her The Alphabet Game, a sexual exploration from A through to Z, so she could infiltrate the sex clubs owned by her stepfather. After the restaurant debacle, Stella now has more to learn. Can Gabe be trusted, or is her stepfather no longer the enemy?

Stella hires a Private Investigator to help her track down her stepsister Isabel, who might hold some of the answers. Or then again, maybe Isabel has secrets of her own …




Another fan-fricking-tastic novella by Long

Seriously, and here’s me thinking this couldn’t get any hotter, I shit you not, it totes does!

This alphabet game is fucking genius…I tell you and some of the stuff you can come up with is out of this world.

At the end of Part #1 we see Stella his a brick wall, her world was crumbling around her and she’s got no one to turn to anymore…no Gabe, no Ronnie and certainly not her mother.

Stella is still set on her warpath of the destruction of her step-father…furthermore, she’s hired a PI to search for her step-sister, so she can quiz her over Gabe?

Will she get more than she’s bargained for?

Also the threat of Arnie Gregory breathing down her neck can’t be any good?

The twists and turn’s that Andie manage’s to include in each book is incredible, with detail begging for more.

It does end on a cliffhanger that has left me wanting more.

Will this new information put a wedge between Stella and Gabe?

I can’ wait to read L-R…


About The Author:

Andie M. Long wrote two full length novels before Gabe and Stella entered her mind and so in her usual bonkers fashion decided to self-publish the first novella, having not even written the rest of the series. Something she has smacked herself in the face for since.
Part One of The Alphabet Game went straight to Number One in The UK Amazon Kindle Erotic Short Story chart. She has several published short stories and poems, including an upcoming release for Cracked Eye. Andie has a regular blog at www.wordbohemia.com, ‘The Emergence of the Invisible Writer.’







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