Release Blitz ~ Playing Rough By Blair Babylon


Lizzy 2 Playing Rough FINAL COVER D 250x350


Be careful whom you submit to.

Lizzy is trapped. Her new Dom Mannix Bonfils and Theo Valencia have bought The Devilhouse. Her estranged parents keep calling, wanting her to quit college to coach Olympic-level gymnastics, the life she escaped at sixteen. Mannix demands that she give up more and more control, and he becomes rougher, more frightening, with her. Her job is gone. Sports reporters stalk her college dorm, looking for the feel-good homecoming story she dreads. Mannix’s sexual power games grow more disturbing every day, and someone tries to shoot them at The Devilhouse, narrowly missing Lizzy. Even though she wants to stay with Mannix, to grow stronger, to be loved, and to fulfill her commitment, everyone is telling her to get out, but they all seem to want something from her. When Theo offers to help her leave, should she stay with Mannix or go back to the prescribed life she thought she had escaped?


Reader Review:

***** 5.0 out of 5 stars Blair does it again! May 22, 2014

Lizzie Playing Rough continues where Falling Hard ended.

Lizzie has been drifting, trying to make a life for herself after failing at a life goal decided for her when she was just five years old. At a Devilhouse party, Lizzie meets Theo a handsome lawyer, and Mannix, an ex-pro-football player with a taste for the disturbing. When someone starts shooting at both men, Lizzie struggles to work out who the would-be murderer is.

Lizzie #2 takes you into the darker side of Mannix’s life and relationship with Lizzie. Lizzie signs a Dom/Sub contract, ignoring pleas from Georgie to read and amend the contract in Lizzies favour. As Mannix’s scenes become more disturbing, Lizzie remains adamant she will not fail or leave Mannix, mistaking his terms of endearment as love. Theo has not given up on Lizzie, determined to show Lizzie how little Mannix thinks of his subs, while trying to prove to Lizzie, love is more than mere words.

Blair Babylon’s descriptive writing holds so much depth of emotion and her books have such well rounded characters, you cannot help but be pulled into their lives, taking the journey with them, going through a rollercoaster of emotions. Keep the tissues (and chocolate!) handy as you’ll find yourself wanting to hug, shake and scream at Lizzie, Theo and Mannix.

Blair Babylon takes words on a page, a series of books, and turns them into so much more. When you think a series can’t get any better, it does!



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