Review – Unlikely Hero (Atlanta Series #1) By Kemmie Michaels

Hey Guys!

So here it is as promised, my review of Kemmie’s “Unlikely Hero”

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Erin never would have expected to fall in love. Never. Not with her past, and not with her fear. She never dated; she didn’t even allow herself friendships. She didn’t trust her judge-of-character skills enough to allow anyone close…until Marcus.

With him, a deep connection happened in spite of the walls she’d so carefully constructed around herself. His self-confessed rage fueled much of his life, with the exception of her. For Erin, Marcus dares to make the step toward love…one with the potential to heal them both.


My Review:

This is my first book to read by this author and I loved it!

The pace of the storyline for me was a little slow, but the build up was great.
What Erin went through when she was younger, I wouldn’t wish on anyone. The helplessness that you would feel, the constant scaredness that would be engraved into your brain as a constant memory, she’d done well to come out the way she has!

Marcus…He too has an emotional and upsetting story of his up-brining. How can it be that two lost souls go through so much pain and torture but come out victorious the other side?

The connection that forms emotionally at first with these two is beautiful. I loved the fact that they don’t know the “real” person that their talking too and when they eventually meet…..such a moving section of the story.

When things started to progress between the two you could literally feel the heat between them because they had already had that intimacy in place and now they were acting on it.

This story was about coming out of their hardened shells and living in the world again, stopping the seclusion that has captured their lives and hearts for the last few years!

Definitely lives up to it’s name ” Unlikely Hero ” from both parties 🙂
Can’t wait to read more, and certainly to read about Quirky Cassie’s and Smooth Scott’s story.