Author/Book Promo – A Beautiful Mess By T.K Leigh

You maybe sick and tired of me mentioning the author T.K. Leigh by now, but you know what……SUCK IT!  I love this author.

So I wanted to tell you all AGAIN, why she is such an AWESOME author and WHY you should go get her latest book – A Beautiful Mess!



So why do I love this author so much….. well:

  1. She writes an awesome book, tragic but awesome
  2. She’s constantly got us (her street-team) hanging by threads will all these teasers she keeps posting
  3. She gives back what she receives i.e. we “pimp” her she “pimps” us
  4. ooo did I mention the AWESOMENESS of a book – ” A Beautiful Mess”
  5. She has a SEXY AS HELL character – Mr Burnham AKA Alex


Links for ABM

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About the author:

T. K. Leigh, otherwise known as Tracy Leigh Kellam, is a producer / attorney by trade. Originally from New England, she now resides in sunny Southern California with her husband, dog and three cats, all of which she has rescued (including the husband).

When she’s not planted in front of her computer, writing away, she can be found running and training for her next marathon (of which she has run over fifteen fulls and far too many halfs to recall). Unlike Olivia, the main character from her debut novel, “A Beautiful Mess,” she has yet to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

So here are some teaser picks from “A Beautiful Mess”


Book Blurb:



What happens when you lose everyone that promised they would always be there for you?
How can you protect the few pieces of your shattered that remain?

Olivia Adler is a woman with a troubled past. After losing her parents at the young age of six and being raised by an uncle who she lost years later, she refuses to get attached to anyone, including friends. For the past decade, she has been able to remain unattached to any man, too worried about losing someone to get too close. Until Alexander Burnham walks into her life one night and changes everything. But he has issues of his own. And he’s keeping a secret that could turn Olivia’s world upside-down. Will Olivia let Alexander in enough for him to get close and protect her from a force threatening her very existence, or will she push him away, scared of letting Alexander in, in order to protect her heart?

A Beautiful Mess is the first installment of a three part series sure to captivate the heart with a story of secrets, courage, and love.

Check out my review here:

** Recommended for ages 18 and up due to sexual situations, language, and mild violence **

Another juicy pics just to tease you a tad bit more! 🙂
ABM Teaser1

ANNNNDDD before I go for the nigh! ONE last thing…….the AWESOMENESS of a book trailer to gawk over

A Beautiful Mess from T.K. Leigh on Vimeo.

Blog Tour – Caught Looking (Hot-Lanta Series #1) by Meghan Quinn

CL Tour Banner copy


TITLE – Caught Looking (Book one in the Hot-Lanta Series)

Author – Meghan Quinn

Genre – New Adult Contemporary Romance


Book Trailer


Things are starting to heat up in Atlanta, or at least in Jane’s celibate life of two years. On the two year anniversary of her nasty split between her and her ex, Jane’s friends, Molly – class “A” filthy mouth – and Albert – flamboyant dresser extraordinaire – decide it’s high time Jane drops the conservative persona, let loose and start to have some fun once again.

Brady Matthews, Atlanta Braves first baseman and well known through the media as Atlanta’s gigolo, thought he was just taking his new teammate, Michael Banks, out on the town. Little did he know Michael’s friend from college, Jane, was going to show up at their table and turn his world upside down.

When Brady meets Jane, he is instantly attracted to Jane’s innocence and inner sex kitten but the last thing she wants is to be thrown into another relationship with such a publicly known man-whore especially after her heart was broken so devastatingly. Brady makes it his mission to win Jane over and make her see him as the man he actually is, not the way the media perceives him. But it is not that simple. Wedding plans, spring training, ex’s, old college friends, the paparazzi and gossip magazines seem to keep getting in the way of Brady’s goal to earn Jane’s heart.

Caught Looking goes through the love lives of Jane, Brady and their group of friends fighting the hardships of cheating, trusting, losing love and trying to find it once again. In one of America’s hottest cities, the gang heats up the sheets while their lives entangle together causing heartache, suffering through loss and finding love….hopefully.


CL Teaser 1

Purchase Links:

Amazon US



CL copy


He was all man, definitely over six feet tall, pure muscle but not bulky by any means, dark brown hair, green eyes that could melt any heart and an amazing tan that didn’t stop where his jersey met his skin. Thanks to GQ she knew exactly what he looked like under his uniform. She might have once or twice looked at his player profile but he was mostly known outside the sports world for his celebrity girlfriends and flings. He was a little bit of a player but with those muscles and eyes, he had the right to be.


My Review:


Well I just…..I really don’t know where to start with this book!


First I need to thank Meghan for providing me with an ARC copy of this  book to read and review for this blog tour.

Secondly!..I completely feel lost. I feel like my hearts been dragged out, boiled, knifed, fed to the wolves and stitched back together again, talk about emotionally draining.

This book is written perfectly, Megahn gives us multiple POV’s so we know where everyone is thinking at any one point in this book, as there is ALOT of action going on.

This book definitely aint your happy-go-lucky romance, SHIT hits the fan, betrayal comes in the biggest of forms, new friendships bloom, love finds its way back, and grief sneaks up on us like the devil in disguise!

Literally at the end I was in balls of tears, I don’t think I’ve cried so much whilst reading a book 😦

This is the first book I have read by this author, and YOU Missy, have astounded me by your work. I will DEFINITELY be keeping a VERY close eye on you 🙂


P.S.S I do hope Molly gets her HEA! ❤ Heartbroken


CL Teaser 2


Author Bio:

When I was in high school I occasionally read books but was consumed by other teenage things so I didn’t take the time to appreciate a good book on a cloudy day, wrapped up in a blanket on the couch.

It wasn’t until I received a Kindle for Christmas one year that my world completely flipped upside down. When looking for books, I came across the Contemporary Romance genre and was sold and I haven’t turned back since.

You can either find my head buried in my Kindle, listening to inspiring heart ripping music or typing away on the computer twisting and turning the lives of my characters while driving my readers crazy with anticipation.

​I am currently residing in beautiful Colorado Springs where the sun is always shining and there is a trail waiting to be hiked on every corner. I share a lovely and warm home with the love of my life and my five, four-legged children.







There are three signed paperbacks of Caught Looking up for grabs!!

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Blog Tour On The 12th Date of Christmas By Nikki Lynn Barrett

On The 12 Date tour Banner II

On The 12th Date of Christmas


After being mugged, Robin Sorenson is left shaken and her spirit in humanity broken. Worse, she’s not sure how to deal with the new anxieties or who to confide in since she’s always preached to pick oneself up and move on. Yeah, she’s been the go to girl when anyone’s had problems.
Christmas is coming, and her belief in magic and miracles has faded.

Then Jonas comes back.

Jonas Aimes made a mistake. A big one, when he walked away from Robin a year earlier. He’d loved her, always had and still does, but his desire to please his aging and strict parents took precedence. Back from the overseas internship they’d struggled to get him in, he plans on winning Robin back. What he didn’t count on was discovering the shell of the vivacious woman he’d loved.


Remembering her love of Christmas, Jonas pulls the holiday heartstrings. What? All is fair and love and war. Right?

Twelve days, Twelve Dates.

Robin is speechless when Jonas not only refuses to leave her alone, but dares her to accept his cheesy holiday themed challenge. Twelve dates to give him a chance to prove he loves her and is never leaving her again.

But in the season known for miracles can Robin find the magic needed to open her heart and faith once more…or will she forever wonder about the ghost of the Christmas past that could have been?

Book Links:

Amazon UK

Amazon US




My Review:

First I would like to thank the author for providing me with an ARC copy of this book to read and review for this blog tour ❤ Much Loveage

I love to read Christmas romances towards the said joyful time of the year, it brings joy, happiness, love and family and makes me go all warm and fuzzy.

Although this is a hearty Christmas romance, it’s still full of anger, pain, suspense, family betrayal, loved one mistrust.! Definitely kept me on my toes and wanting to not put my kindle down, so I could get to the bottom of the story 🙂

Jonas realises he messed up big time letting his family come between the love he had for Robin a few months back. He is back now, more determined than ever to win back his girl, but nothing prepared him for what was in store for him.

Nothing prepared him to find Robin the way she is.

After being mugged Robin has no Christmas spirit left to give and she certainly doesn’t want to receive any back, but when a past flame re-enters her world determined to get the “old” Robin back, can she keep pushing her loved ones away?

Can she carry on being without the love of her life?

I loved Ben, he is so adorable for an 8 year old boy. Clearly matured well and definitely acts older than her is.



“You hit Eric’s car?” Oh boy, no wonder Jonas sounded so frustrated. Eric wasn’t going to let this go easily, especially since they’d seen him with another woman. 

No wonder Cheyenne and Jacob worried so much! 

No doubt he had to have made some sort of comment to one of them.

“Yeah. I swear I checked when I backed out! He really came out of nowhere.” Jonas sounded defensive.

“Hey, I believe you,” Robin said softly, hoping he’d calm down.

“Sorry. I’m just rattled I guess. He gives me the creeps and I never get that way about someone without good reason

I’ve met him twice and his vibes are never good. You’re there alone with the kids? 

You have the door locked, right?”

“Yes Mom,” she joked, but she knew he just had her best interest at heart. 

“Sorry. I know you’re only looking out for me.Of course I locked the doors. 

Right after Cheyenne and Jacob left.”

“That’s good. Hey­”

They both were startled by a loud banging sound.

“What was that noise?” Jonas asked. Robin heard the alarm in his voice.

Her heart raced faster as she went to inspect. It sounded like someone was at the front door. “I’m not sure.” The pounding got louder. She froze in the living room, 

the memories flooding back of a few months ago. The same sound, the same fear returned. 

Her hands shook and she dropped the phone. Still numb, she managed to pick it up and put it back to her ear. 

Jonas’s voice on the other end kept repeating the same question.

“Robin? Talk to me! What’s going on?” She heard him swear under his breath.

“I­” She choked on her words. “I think I’m having an anxiety attack. It reminds me of­”

“It’s okay. I’m on my way. I’m not too far from you. Just stay as calm as possible and don’t answer the door. 

Stay on the phone with me. I’ll be there right away and then we’ll call Cheyenne and Jacob. Just keep talking to me, okay? 

Do you know who’s at the door?”

“No. I just­ the pounding, the eerie feeling. It reminds me­” she stuttered. God, she was so cold all of a sudden. 

Words formed in her throat, but she couldn’t get them out.

The knocking continued. Then yelling. Damn it, that sounded like Eric. “Jonas? I think it’s Eric.”

Then the knocking began at the window. The shades were drawn, the curtains closed, 

but he had to have seen the light.

“I know someone’s in there! Don’t ignore me!” He sounded pissed and slightly drunk. When would it ever end? 

Why did he have to keep hounding everyone? It wasn’t like he had his son’s best interest at heart. 

He had another child with Petra and he still had to come over here to stir up trouble. Stupid bastard!

“Damn it. Okay, I’m hurrying. Almost there, baby.”

“Don’t get into an accident, Jonas.” She sat huddled on the floor. Her entire body tensed and she was shaking.

“When I get close, I’m going to hang up with you. You call Cheyenne or Jacob. 

Let them know what’s going on and if I have to, I’ll call the cops.

I don’t know what this guy is up to, but I can’t imagine it being good.”

Whatever Eric wanted, he must have decided to give up. That was very unlike him. The knocking stopped,

then Robin heard the sound of an engine. Either Jonas had arrived, or Eric had left. “Did you pull up?” 

Her voice came out in a quiet squeak. Her leg muscles relaxed first, and she felt the tension leave her 

body just slightly.

“No, I’m not there yet. Turning down the street now. Oh crap! Someone just peeled out like an idiot. Whoa.”

“I think he left. He gave up,” Robin whispered. Why she felt the need to talk so quietly, she didn’t know.

“I’m pulling up now. I don’t see him. I bet that was him that left. I’m coming to the door. Let me in, please. 

I need to make sure you’re okay, because you don’t sound like it. If you want to call Cheyenne and Jacob still,

we will, or I can stay with you until they come home.”

Robin didn’t want to ruin their evening, but she knew Cheyenne would freak if she tried to call and heard

Robin’s distress. She tried to make her legs work to get to the door, but they were weak and almost gave out on her. 

Fumbling with the lock and the handle, Robin forced her shaky hand to get the door open.

 Her mouth went dry and she nearly choked on air, but the sight of Jonas on the other side of the wrought iron door gave her a sense of peace. She unlocked that door as well and he immediately rushed in and reached for her.

She collapsed in his embrace.


About The Author:

I’m an avid lover of books. I wrote my first book by the 5th grade in one of those spiral one subject notebooks. I can’t imagine a life without reading, writing, music, and photography. Aside from being an author, I’m a stay at home mom to a bright and bubbly little boy who has now just gone to preschool for the second year in a row. I’m also a blogger and reviewer over at my blog, Storm Goddess Book Reviews & More. I love to read and share the love of books with others. Check out my sites if you want :)









On the 12 by the same characters. The book that started it all. The Secret Santa Wishing Well tells the story of Jacob and Cheyenne, and Robin plays a big role in that story.



The magic of Christmas has been lost to Jacob Winston. At the suggestion of his ill sister, Jacob takes a job as a Secret Santa at the mall, hoping to restore his Christmas spirit. Even that doesn’t seem to work, until a special little boy ambles up to make a very special wish…

Cheyenne Jensen is struggling to raise her two kids without the help of her ex-husband who refuses to acknowledge his daughter’s existence and doesn’t provide for the son he does. This Christmas is shaping up to be as heartbreaking as the last, until her son Ben’s kind actions lead a stranger to them.

Ah, but it’s Christmas time and the magic has begun.

When Jacob and Cheyenne meet, neither can deny their immediate attraction to one another. As situations arise that require they spend more time together, their feelings grow stronger and stronger.

With Christmas fast approaching, the pair learn what matters most in life.

Now, if only they could ditch the ghost of Christmases past.

Maybe this holiday will bring some wishes come true- for everyone after all.


My Review:

Another magical Christmas romance, This is the beginning of the story. A HUGE thank you to Nikki for providing me with an ARC copy of this to read and review for this tour.

I kind of did things backwords with this series. I read “On the 12th Date Of Christmas” first and this book second. DUH! So I knew that Cheyenne and Jacob got together .

This though showed me how two lost souls came together during hard times at Christmas. With everything going on they still managed to fit in a little Christmas love and spirit.

As I mentioned in my review for “On The 12th Date Of Christmas” I fell in love with Ben’s character. In this book, he’s so much more adorable, soo strong for a little boy who doesn’t have a permanent father figure in his life, that is until Jacob shows up.

Cheyenne is a little dubious with letting another man into her life, after the hell she went through with the TWAT of an ex, but like any other women in the same situation, she deserves happiness and a shot at love.

With issues of his own Jacob is a little hesitant to let love in. With the sickness going on in his family, can he be there for Cheyenne and her kids. Can he give himself to her wholly?

Like I said in the beginning, another great Christmas read, I definitely enjoyed this story as well as Robin and Jonas’s story 🙂

Great work yet again from Nikki, and I look forward to future books 🙂




Amazon Ebook

Amazon print



About The Author:


Nikki Lynn Barrett lives in Arizona with her husband and son. She’s an avid reader, a dreamer, and loves everything about books. She runs a book blog, an online used bookstore, and writes various genres of romance. Nikki can also be found outside with her camera when a storm is near, snapping photo after photo. Her dreams of becoming a writer started when she was young, when she started writing books in one subject notebooks by the fifth grade.



Follow me on Twitter: @Stormgoddess925



Promo – Random Acts of Trust

Random Acts of Trust, is now live and on sale for only $.99! It’s the follow up to her New York Times and USA Today bestseller, Random Acts of Crazy!


Giving up is hard….
but giving in is even harder.

Drummers are mysterious creatures who seek the erratic microbeats of authentic life that are layered between the macrobeats of society.

Sam’s hands were always tapping. Did they move in his sleep? Were his dreams filled with the nuanced undertone of beated movement? What did those hands seek?

With his hands in constant motion, how could I let him know my body should be the one place where those fingers could be still?

Smart, bookish Amy and quiet, intense Sam had a chance at love four years ago in high school, until a face-off in a debate tournament and Sam’s rage-filled father ended everything. Now out of college and revisiting their pasts, Sam’s the drummer in the up-and-coming band Random Acts of Crazy, while Amy’s headed for grad school in library science. When she appears at one of his gigs not once, but twice, Sam decides it’s time to do what he should have done four years ago…but is it too late?




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Promo – A Naughty Little Christmas

#NaughtyLittleChristmas (Cowboys, Cops, and Kilts: 8 Seasonally Seductive Romances from Bestselling Authors) is an Amazon Top 50 Bestseller! Hit the naughty list while you still can! Only 99cents!


These are merely steamy romances and not erotic romance 🙂

Cowboy Jackpot Series, Book 1
Randi Alexander
Award Winning Novella. A lucky first kiss in front of a Las Vegas slot machine pays off big for bull rider Boone Hancock and college student Gigi Colberg-Staub.
The 19th Precinct, Book 1.5
Ann Bruce
When injured vice cop Sergio Ramirez accepts Noelle Mason’s offer to help him, she has no idea the danger she faces, most of it from her desire to share her bed with him.
Aliyah Burke 
Recuperating in wintery Massachusetts, Heath Dixon gives cold-hating Kassia Green something much hotter to focus on. But can he keep her after Christmas? Like…forever?
Opal Carew
Given one chance to break the curse which has held Angelique in its grip for two hundred years, she is faced with a heart-rending decision. Can she sacrifice Nick’s happiness for her own freedom?
Dawn Halliday
In the wintery Highland mountains, Aileen and Niall unleash their forbidden passion. But Aileen is promised to another this Christmas, and the wicked Lowlander will stop at nothing to have her.
Yvette Hines
Even during the holidays a woman can have one reckless night that will change her life forever…especially when the man she was with is determined to prove they belong together.
Christin Lovell
After being apart from each other for a year, Libby and Tyler realize their feelings for one another are more than platonic. Are they willing to risk years of friendship on a chance at love?
Paige Tyler
Hayley Knowles has always fantasized about getting spanked by her husband, Conner. But how can she possibly ever get her husband to do it, especially since she’s too shy to tell him? This is the holiday season, though, so maybe Hayley might get exactly what she wants for Christmas!







Promo – Books-to-Movies Celebration: Raine Thomas’ Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy on Sale!

The big news is out: Raine Thomas’ bestselling YA fantasy romance trilogy, The Daughters of Saraqael, has been optioned by Back Fence Productions to be made into movies! Heading the project is multiple award-winning writer and producer, Chase Chenowith, whose film credits include working with Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Watts, Alec Baldwin, Dan Ackroyd, Christopher Walken, Brenda Blethyn, Alfred Molina and James Denton, among others. His films have won 11 Best Picture Awards and 29 total awards.

The books follow eighteen-year-old sisters, Amber, Olivia, and Skye, as they discover the truth about their origins and fight to save a race of beings they never knew existed. Filled with action, adventure, love and intrigue, the stories will translate wonderfully to the big screen.

The sale starts tomorrow (12/13) and runs until 12/27

To celebrate the big news, Raine is having a sale and hosting a giveaway! Here’s what you could win:

~ Three signed paperbacks of the Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy

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That’s right! There will be a seventh book in the Estilorian series coming out in 2014, so now’s the time to get caught up on these popular stories. To get you started, Raine is offering the first book in the series, Becoming, for just 99 cents until 12/27. Or you can pick up the entire trilogy for just $4.99 during that time, a two-dollar savings!

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Blog Blitz – All For Allie (Shaken #1.5) By J Bailes


Please read Shattered and Shaken (book 1) prior to All for Allie (1.5) 


Mature audience only 18+ 

Walking away from her was the hardest decision I ever made. Leaving her without an explanation broke us both. Our hearts have been left shattered. I could make excuses. I could lay the blame on others, but still I made the decision. I had to. It was the only way to protect the both of them.

After all of Allie’s loss, my thought was only on her and her happiness. On her love and need for her big brother. I was replaceable, Kyle wasn’t. I wouldn’t allow him to crush her heart with his death. I knew I had to follow him. I would throw myself on top of bombs, in front of bullets, whatever it took to get him home to her, alive. There are two sides to every story, and you’ve only heard one. Don’t be so quick to judge; I hate myself for what I’ve done. But all that I did, it was all for Allie.




Other Books in the series

Book 1 🙂


18+ Mature Audience Only

Allie Anderson has encountered more heartache than any one person deserves. She’s lost her father to cancer, her brother to war, and the love of her life –Wyatt – took her most prized possession and vanished without a trace. She’s left crushed and heart-broken.

Blake, Allie’s best friend, is everything she needs; he’d give her the moon if she asked for it, but there’s one problem – he wants Allie entirely. How can Allie give herself to anyone when she’s not sure there’s enough left of her heart to give away?

Allie’s life begins to fall into place. Her heart begins to heal. Being happy is no longer a foreign emotion. That is until the man who broke her years ago returns, shattering her fragile heart all over again.
Allie soon discovers that hearts are like broken glass; you can put it back together again, but it will never be the same.



Barnes and Noble

Check out me review:


About The Author:

Born and raised in Nashville, TN. A mother of three, wife to one, and nursing student turned writer. Loves all things pink, glittery, and chocolate.

 Stalker Links:








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