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final Infinite desire
Title: Infinite Desire
Series: Savannah Series #4
Author: Danielle Jamie
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Age Group: Adult 
Release date~ November 29 2013
Hosted By~ Scandalous Book Blog (Scandalous Promotions)
Over the last several months, Savannah’s life has been a never-ending roller coaster ride. Every time Savannah sees the light at the end of the tunnel and her world stops spinning, another obstacle is thrown in her path. Kayden had always been her rock, the constant in her life over the most difficult months of her life. A story leaked, making Savannah doubt everything including Kayden’s love. Leaving their fate hanging in the balance, she ran. But after learning the truth, Savannah set out to correct her wrongs and win Kayden back. Will Kayden put the past behind them, and focus on the future they could have together? Or will Savannah be heartbroken and all alone again? Savannah thought their love was infinite and indestructible. After everything they’ve been through, how can they wade through the past and believe in their love? Will Savannah and Kayden get their happily every after, or will the past jeopardize their future? Only a special kind of love can survive the trials and tribulations life tosses in your way. Is Kayden and Savannah’s love strong enough to make it through the strongest of storms? Only time will tell.

Letting out a loud chuckle Braxton slides his hands behind his head and leans back in the booth as he smiles across the table at me. “Hell yeah, but it won’t be complete until I drag your asses to the casino for some poker and take y’all for all ya got.”


“Ha. You wish Bro. Y’all know no one’s better at Texas hold’em than yours truly. So ya best be prepared to lose.” Dixon says finally taking his eyes off his cell phone. He’s been texting non-stop for the last twenty minutes.
“First of all, I taught you how to play poker douchebag, and secondly, this is a guy’s weekend. So put the damn phone away and drink!” I shout lifting my glass into the air. The sound of ice clinking off of the glass can barely be heard over the loud thumping techno music.
After a few minutes of back and forth bantering with Dixon and Braxton, they finally shifted their bullshit talking to the fight next weekend. I’m glad they’ve not said anything about the story spreading like wild fire about Savannah. I think they know as well as I do, if I get worked up, it’ll be me next all over the gossip sites and celebrity news shows.
Between the beers I had at dinner and the two glasses of Jack and Coke I’ve had since we got to Vertigo, I’m feelin’ pretty buzzed. Turning, I wave over a bottle girl and ask her to bring us another bottle of Jack. Getting totally shit faced tonight is on my agenda.
Reaching for the bottle, I proceed to pour myself another drink, I feel someone sit beside me. Immediately my nose is attacked by an overly sweet perfume. Smells like someone rolled around in a candy shop before coming to the club.
I instantly freeze when I hear the all too familiar voice of Trixie LaRue. She’s a well-known socialite who lives in Vegas, and has been known to jump on a stripper pole on occasion. Trixie’s father is a big name movie producer in Hollywood who has a shelf full of awards. Her life consists of partying and living off daddy’s money.
“Kayden Knox! I thought that was you. It’s been like what? Six months since I last saw you. It’s about time you came back to Vegas!” She says overly enthusiastic into my ear, as she presses her double D boobs against my arm. She flashes a flirtatious smile at Braxton and Dixon, who look none too happy about Trixie crashing our guy’s night. This is the last fuckin’ thing I need, how much more shit can be pilled on my head?!
Shifting my body, I maneuver away from her, but she’s like a fuckin’ puppy begging for attention. She is immediately scooting closer to me. Rolling my eyes, I tip my head back, tossing back the entire glass. I just found another reason to get totally fucked up. I can’t believe I ever fucked this chick. Now that I’ve been with Savannah I see how shallow I was, bedding anything with big tits, and a perky personality. Fuckin’ moron…that’s what I was.
Dixon jokes, trying to get a rise out of her. “Hey Trixie. What are you doing at a UFC party? Looking for your new conquest?”
Snapping her head from me to Dixon, she lets out an annoyed grunt, “I was invited by Shayne. It’s a pretty kick ass party. I can’t believe all the people who’ve showed up. This party’s going to be all over the magazines come tomorrow. The paparazzi are lined up outside, just dying to get some pics of drunk celebrities stumbling out of the hotel.”
I imagine Trixie will be one of those girls hanging off of an A-list celebrity as they make their way outta the hotel. She’s a fame whore, and always seems to land on the arm of guys whose career is booming at the moment. She’ll do anything for her five minutes of fame.
“Well Knox, you’re being awful quiet tonight. I think you need something to distract you, and put you in a better mood.” Trixie’s says placing her hand on my thigh, slowly working her way up to the crotch of my jeans.
I quickly grab her hand, stopping it as she tries to slide it along the inside of my thigh. “I’m fine. If you’re looking for a good time Trixie, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m not interested.” I’m hoping she takes notice to the annoyance and disgust in my voice and fuckin’ leaves.
With her mouth hanging open, Trixie stutters momentarily, as her brain; which by my guess isn’t much bigger than that of a pigeon, tries to process the fact that I’m turning her away. I can’t help but laugh to myself. I bet I’m the first to tell her no, with that thought I’m starting to feel sick, because now I can’t stop thinking about how many guys she’s probably been with. The fact that I’ve slept with her just makes me feel fuckin’ nasty.
Finally able to form a sentence, Trixie borrows her eyes into me, “What the fuck is stuck up your ass Kayden. Just because you cheated on your girlfriend, and she left your ass doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole to me.”
“Nothing’s stuck up my ass. I just don’t have any desire to fuck you when I know every guy with a couple million in his bank account has stuck his dick in you. I made the mistake of fuckin’ you before but darlin’, ain’t gonna happen again.”
Sneaking a look over at Dixon and Braxton, I see them both kicked back and enjoying the Trixie show. Just as Trixie is finally sliding off of the couch I hear Brooklyn, “What the fuck are you doing with Trixie?” She shouts standing beside our table, with her hands resting on her hips. Savannah’s standing beside her, with a look of pain washing over her gorgeous face. It feels like a sucker punch to my fuckin’ stomach. I don’t want her getting the wrong idea.
“Oh Brooklyn, it is so nice to see you too.” Trixie says dryly.
Brooklyn ignores Trixie, her focus is on me, her features are hard and cold, the funny carefree best friend to my sweet Savannah is gone. She takes another step getting inches away from Trixie. Snapping her attention from Trixie, Brooklyn yells at Kayden, “What. The. Fuck. Is she doing here?”
Fuck me, this night just keeps getting better. “Nothing’s going on, Trixie stopped by to say hello, but she’s leaving now.” I turn my eyes back to Trixie, emphasizing ‘now’.
I’m pissed off at the moment because of the shit with Shayne last night but I still love her and want to make things better between us. I just needed some time to clear my head. Seeing those pictures really fucked with my head. All the shit with Lulu instantly came back to me.
Trixie turns her attention to Savannah, “I can’t leave without introducing myself. We haven’t had the privilege of meeting yet!” God her voice is like fuckin’ nails on a chalk board. I swear my ears are going to start bleeding if I have to listen to her talk much longer. I’m too drunk to deal with this shit.


Stepping forward, Savannah stares intensely at Trixie with her poker face on. She’s sizing her up. I can’t control the smile stretching across my face and notice Braxton and Dixon have leaned forward in preparation of their front row seat for the event about to go down. Savannah doesn’t take shit from nobody, Trixie doesn’t know who she’s messing with.
Giving her a small wave, and a half smile Savannah introduces herself. “I’m Savannah, Kayden’s fiancée.”
Hearing those words come out of her mouth sucks all the air from my lungs. I love her more than I love life itself, and to hear her call herself my fiancée after everything we’ve been through…It’s the greatest feeling ever. But bittersweet because even though I love hearing it, it also makes my chest ache because I can’t get the image out of my head of her with Shayne last night.
“Well nice to finally meet you Savannah. Maybe now that you’re here, Kayden will pull whatever the hell is shoved up his ass out. He isn’t the usual Kayden I’ve come to know and love. He’s been a total prick to me.” Flashing her eyes from Savannah to me momentarily, Trixie has a look in her eye that tells me she’s not trying to play nice with Savannah.
Trixie is trudging on choppy waters right now. I don’t for a second doubt Savannah will go all country on her ass if she says the wrong thing. My girl is small but she’s a bad ass if you push her too far.
Clearing her throat, Brooklyn reaches over the table, and snatches Dixon’s shot out of his hand. “I think you may want this.” She says holding it out to Savannah.
Rolling her eyes she reaches out taking the shot from Brooklyn. “Yeah my staying sober tonight just flew out the window.” Savannah says tipping her head back and downing the shot of Whiskey.
I can barely think straight having her this close to me after a week of being so far away from one another. Seeing her hurtin’ is killin’ me, but…Fuck, I’m hurtin’ too.
She should’ve known how I would feel seeing another man with his mouth on her body. She’s mine. Every. Single. Inch. Savannah belongs to me.
Trixie turns her attention to Savannah once again, “So what was it like shooting someone? I could never do that. Seeing blood…yuk, it makes me so queasy!” Shaking her head and pressing her hand against her chest, Trixie flashes a sympathetic look at Savannah. I can see through her act. She is being the Trixie I know; a self-centered bitch, who sees Savannah as competition.
At the same time Braxton and Dixon snap their heads at me, all of our expressions are screaming the same thing, Holy fuckin’ shit! Did Trixie seriously just fuckin’ ask Savannah that!
“Trixie, you need to get the fuck outta here, before I pick you up and remove you  myself!” I hiss through clenched teeth, I can’t take the painful look in Savannah’s eyes as she stares at Trixie in shock. I love her way too fuckin’ much to allow this stupid slut to say anything to Savannah about Jacob. She needs to fuckin’ go!
Everything happens so fast; before I know it, Savannah’s hand is connecting with Trixie’s cheek. The techno music is thumping so you can’t hear the force behind the slap, but Trixie’s cheek immediate turns fire red and she falls back into the booth. “I cannot believe you just fuckin’ asked me that! Who does that!?” Savannah shouts with her face inches from Trixie’s.
Savannah’s eyes are large and twinkling with tears. Before I can get out of the booth she’s spinning around to leave our VIP area, stopping momentarily to look back at me she holds her hand up motioning for me to stop. “Don’t!” Is all she says before storming off.
I’m dumb founded. This is not how I’d planned our reunion, thanks to Trixie; Savannah is pissed at me…again! I can’t catch a fuckin’ break!
Focusing all of my anger on Trixie, I tear my gaze away from Savannah and back to Trixie, who’s cupping her redden cheek. Before I can even get a word out Brooklyn is bringing down the wrath on her.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?! That was low even for you!” Brooklyn shouts throwing her hands in the air, as Trixie flinches backing away from her. Brooklyn’s entire body is vibrating with anger, looking like she’s a few seconds away from beating her ass. Trixie immediately jumps up out of the booth, in an attempt to level the playing field with Brooklyn.
Snapping out of my state of shock from what just transpired, I follow her and climb out of the booth, grab Trixie‘s arm and force her to look at me. “You’re a fuckin’ idiot you know that! What the fuck is wrong with you?” I yell as she pulls her arm from my grip. Trixie keeps looking from Brooklyn to me, with not an ounce of regret in her eyes. This bitch is getting a high off of the hurt she’s caused.
“What? I only asked a simple question? I was curious? How was I to know she’d go all crazy and attacking me! She‘s lucky I‘m not speed dialing my father’s attorney to draw up assault charges on the crazy bitch!”
Brooklyn takes another step towards Trixie pointing her finger an inch from her face. I am shocked at the fact that Brooklyn hasn’t thrown a punch yet. I glance over at Dixon who’s focused entirely on Brooklyn with a cocky grin plastered across his face enjoying himself immensely.
Amazon Bestselling Author and a mother of 3 wonderful kids. Madison 9 Bailey 5 and Finn 2. I run a successful online boutique, Bailey Booper’s Boutique; many of my items featured on Teen Mom 2. I live in a small town in NY with my husband of 10 years, enjoying my happily ever after. My perfect day is spending time at the beach, I love the Ocean. I’m an outdoorsy type of girl; every chance I get I’m outside walking or running around with my kids.
I have been writing for as long as I can remember but I finally decide to peruse my dreams of sharing my stories with the world when I published my first Novel Irresistible Desire back in March 2013.

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