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Title: Undertow

Author: Elizabeth O’Roark

Release date: August 21st, 2013

Genre: New Adult, Romance

Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours


Maura Pierce seems to have everything – a bright future, a trust fund and a boyfriend who can’t wait to settle down.

It almost seems like enough until Nate Sullivan comes home. Nate – her childhood best friend, her first love. The boy who left without a trace one night and broke her heart.

When their attraction threatens the future she and her parents have so carefully crafted, loyalties will be tested and secrets will be uncovered.

Giving in may cost her everything. But how do you resist the only thing you’ve ever really wanted?




I want to avoid this baseball game like I’ve wanted to avoid nothing in my life, but I can’t do it to Elise, or Ethan, who’s playing, so here I sit.

Kendall plops down on the picnic blanket beside me with an exhausted sigh.

“Gah. We’re gonna get eaten alive out here watching this stupid shit when we could be sitting at Oak right now,” she grouses.

“Well, I love it,” counters Elise. “I feel like I’m 16 again.”

I feel 16 again too and that’s exactly the problem. The humid air is thick, plump with the smell of grass and salt, the way it always was. I am leaning back on my arms, waiting, just like I once did. And it’s the contrast that tears me up. Because leaning back on a blanket like this, feeling the sweat bead up between my shoulder blades – this I associate with Nate. With waiting for him, with watching him, with the secret shot of joy I felt every time he looked over and caught my eye, the slight upward quirk of his mouth. He could look at me from 40 yards away and I knew what he was thinking. And I would watch him, all lean muscle and propulsive speed, with a slow burn of desire.

It would start small, and I would allow it to grow, as the game neared completion.

And when the game ended all that need rushed in, overwhelming me as I stood on the sidelines waiting for him. It did for him too – I could see it in his face, in the way he plowed toward me like he’d run down anything that got in our way. He would grab me, lifting my legs around his waist, not even slowing his pace as he moved us into the darkness. We never made it off the school grounds before I was tasting the dust and sweat on his neck and pushing against him, wanting more.

This is what I think as I sit here. That I want that back, the experience of wanting something desperately that is actually yours. Of wanting what you already have, instead of wanting what will never be yours again.

And then Nate walks around the corner of the school, and the first thing he seeks, the first thing he finds, is me, as if the experience of us seeking and finding each other on this field is so engrained we can’t help but continue to do so even now. What I see when I look at him is, inexplicably, pain. A mirror of my own. He jerks his head away with a scowl.

I try to watch Ethan, but the truth is that I can’t stop watching Nate, can’t stop watching the flex of his calves, the way he moves as he stands by first base, the lean line of him as he whips the ball to the pitcher.

The game ends and our eyes meet once more. For a moment, I can’t look away, can’t pretend that I hate him. And for once, he doesn’t either.


About the Author:

Elizabeth O’Roark lives in Washington, DC with her 3 children. After many years spent writing scintillating brochures about amniocentesis and heart surgery, she is thrilled to have found a job that allows her to just make s*** up.

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