Cover Reveal – Reclining Nude In Chicago By Fifi Flowers

Fifi Flowers

Reclining Nude in Chicago coming SOON… November 2013…

“Reclining Nude in Chicago” 

Is book one of a new Encounters series by Fifi Flowers… Several standalone novellas featuring business women who travel and enjoy interesting encounters.

This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adult readers only.

ARC Review – Claim (A Dangerous Man #3) By Serena Grey



I forget everything but her warmth, her sweetness, and how easy it would be to let everything go, and allow myself to sink inter her, body and soul, completely, forever.

Who is David Preston?
The mysterious and sexy businessman claimed Sophie Bennett’s haer and then broke it.
But is that all there is to him?
David Preston likes to be in control, after being neglected as a child, he has his life exactly where he wants.
No relationships,
No commitments, just sex, no strings attached.
Then a chance encounter with a girl in a gift shop changes everything.
My Review:
First off I want to say a HUGE thank you to Serena for giving me the opportunity to read all of her books so far including this one as a ARC copy 🙂
I have followed this series since the beginning and following, the ups and downs that occur with Sophie and David.
This is another short novella type story, but is mostly written in David’s POV!! YESSSSS!
Finally we can see and feel what he feels, we can get a glimpse into what is actually going on inside that DUMB head if his!
At certain points in this book I just wanted to be transported into the story and kick ten balls of SHITE out of Mr Preston!
Urgh he can get soooo big headed when he wants to, and to think he can treat Sophie like the way he does and manipulate her feelings, her thoughts in the process, is beyond me!
Seriously. Total Love/Hate relationship going on here!
We get a slight understanding on the childhood, or shall I say lack of childhood that David got when he was younger, maybe this is why he’s the way he is?
Who knows what goes through the male species minds??
Anyway I can honestly say, this book is my favourite so far in this series, yes i know we go over the same goings on , but we get a better insight into what’s actually going on!
I can’t wait for the 4th and FINAL instalment!
The suspense if already killing me!!!! *Hint Hint*
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Review – A Little Too Far (A Little Too Far #1) By Lisa Desrochers



Have you ever gone just a little too far?

Lexie Banks has.

Yep. She just had mind-blowing sex with her stepbrother. In her defense, she was on the rebound, and it’s more of a my-dad-happened-to-marry-a-woman-with-a-super-hot-son situation. But still, he’s been her best friend and confidant for the better part of the last few years … and is so off limits. It’s a good thing she’s leaving in two days for a year abroad in Rome.

But even thousands of miles away, Lexie can’t seem to escape trouble. Raised Catholic, she goes to confession in hopes of alleviating some of her guilt … and maybe not burning in hell. Instead, she stumbles out of the confessional and right into Alessandro Moretti, a young and very easy-on-the-eyes deacon … only eight months away from becoming a priest. Lexie and Alessandro grow closer, and when Alessandro’s signals start changing despite his vow of celibacy, she doesn’t know what to think. She’s torn between falling in love with the man she shouldn’t want and the man she can’t have. And she isn’t sure how she can live with herself either way.

First off……Ohhhh….My…….L……Wait I think I shouldn’t finish this sentence, I don’t want to say the “Lords” name in vain, so I think I’ll start with…..
WOW! Sexy as hell!
I want a piece of both Alessandro and Trent. I mean seriously what’s more better than a soon-to-be-priest or a trainee boxer?????
Lexie Banks has just caught her scum of a boyfriend cheating on her….yeah…total douche!
All she has to do is get through the next month or so and she’s out to there….see ya, au revoir! Adiós Amigos!
One lust-filled night Lexie sees her dirtbag of an ex and gets all wound up with his lies and false promises.
She confides in her best-friend, her stepbrother Trent, and yes as you can imagine one thing leads to another and BAM, we have a HOT sexy as hell sex scene!
Anywhoo Lexie has been accepted to do an internship in the country of “LOVE” Italy.
I for haven’t been to Italy personally, but would LOVE to go, so I got quite jealous of Lexie getting to go and check out all the beautiful amenities of the island! Lisa describes the scenery so beautifully and draws the reader in, enticing the to read more!
This is a story of raging wars of of the minds. A young adults love for two different men, two different back grounds, two different out looks in life. This is also a story is of two men warring with their minds over a love for the same girl, who can change their life in so many different ways.
I can’t wait to get my hands on the second instalment, so we can get an insight into the past of the infamous Alessandro Moretti 🙂
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