Review – Lonely Souls (Witch Avenue Series #1) By Karice Bolton

HI Guys,

I’ve just finished the first installment of the Witch Avenue Series by the lovely Karice Bolton.

I absolutely LOVED this book.

In this 1st installment we find out that Beatrice, also known as Triss, is a witch and has a opening ceremony soon for her to be welcomed into her local witch coven.

Unfortunately a couple of days before a tragedy happens in her family which throws all of Triss’s plans away.

Triss feel lost and abandoned in the first couple of pages in this book. Her friends are off to college and offer the support she needs so badly and that’s when we meet the lovely Logan who has been Triss’s friend for all of her 18 years of life.

Logan has come from his home town to be with Triss and offer her the stability she is searching for.

We find that Logan is going to be her rock throughout this book, there’s so much love in this book coming from Logan and Triss struggles to let her defences down as she doesent want the same thing that happened to her mother to happen to her…… her love to leave her!

This book is full of witches,love,lust,grief and hate.

Your thrust upon a Witch Coven and of the entities that occur in one.

I can’t wait to read “Altered Souls” the second book in this series!


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