Review Of Scorch (Midnight Fire #4) By Kaitlyn Davis

Hello fellow readers,

I am pleased to inform you all that I have now finished the 4th and final book for the “Midnight Fire Series” so far (Unless Kaitlyn decides to release another).

Please take a look at the below review and what my thoughts were of this book, but please be warned that there maybe some spoilers, so if you haven’t read this book yet I wouldn’t recommend carrying on from this spot on wards!

Where to even begin with this whole series!

From the very beginning I was hooked on the storyline of the Kira, Tristan & Luke love triangle.

Loved the way kaitlyn wrote this whole series.

Loved how she portrayed each character in the books, more some than others *Cough Loved Luke Cough*

There was a lot of laughter, tears and screaming going on whilst I read this book. I mean seriously talk about twist on the storyline.

In “Scorch” Kira realized what it took to find true happiness, she had to get rid of all the bitterness therefor becoming bigger, better & stronger than the 1st picture we had of Kira when we encountered her in the 1st book “Ignite”

I’m glad there was a happy ending on both sides (can’t say more without spoiling it peeps)

I think this particular book is by far the BEST in this series.

Thanks for writing such an amazing book and I look forward to all you’re future novels!


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