ARC Review – The Awakening (A Dangerous Man #1) By Serena Grey



First of all I would like to thank Serena Grey for approaching me on Goodreads and asking if I wanted to write an ARC review of this book.

Obviously I jumped at the opportunity as an enthusiastic reader, I LOVE to read almost anything.

Now down to the Nitty Gritty:

Even though this book is a short novella story, it was filled with Lust, Love, & Hot as hell sex.

In the beginning Serena doesn’t hold back…BAM! You get the basic history of Sophie’s background.

You find you out that she’s just an ordinary 18 year old ex-student that has come back from boarding school due to her Aunt’s early death.

You also learn in the 1st couple of pages that Sophie has lived a sheltered life, losing her mother when she was 1st born and not knowing her father.

She was brought up by her awful Aunt that didn’t treat her like family, she treated her more like something you would on the bottom of your shoe, or so the saying goes.

She got taken under the guardian wing of her aunt’s lawyers wife Stacey.

Stacey had taken Sophie under her guidance and even gave her a job for a means of supporting herself, that is of course until the elusive Mr David Preston arrives on the scene.

David Preston’s presence is a strong one at that, as soon as you meet him in this book WHAM…your hooked, and you are expecting more from him!

I certainly loved this short novella and can’t wait for the second book “Rebellion”.

I wonder how married life will be for both Sophie & David in the 2nd book.

What will Seattle be like?

What are David’s ulterior motives for wedding & Bedding?

What will happen when she confronts him about her admission…..”She loved him?”

We can only wait and see…….


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